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2018 03 18 v1


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Stories is what thrives us. Everything around us has one, whether it is a city, an item or a person. I am sharing one with you today, one of an afternoon well spent with two inspiring youngsters in Brussels.

Where silence lies

A visual storybook often contains elements that don’t need any clarification. Although these parts don’t contain scent, sound or sense, they can be classified as if.
These images are the result of a quest to absolute silence.



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This editorial features a young boy who is tired of blending in with his peers. He escapes the daily routine to pursue the search for his own sexuality. The search is characterized by moments of strength and weaknesses; one moment he is sure who he is and what he wants, and the other moment he doesn’t realize what his goal is. The contrast between these moods is expressed by strong and weak emotions and represent the struggle many people are going through in these times.

Cartoons and Colours

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Menswear isn’t often associated with colours and joyousness. Luckily, there are some game changers out there challenging the way designers and consumers look at the fabrics we put on our bodies. Introducing 3 emerging brands creating not so contemporary looks.

Dutch Designs

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Sometimes design expositions are just not the most accessible ways to get your daily dose of designs. If you want a free overdose (which I highly recommend), you can get it at the Dutch Design Week.

Carry On

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Sometimes you see that one thing you immediately can relate to. It can be a reflection of something impactful in your life, positive and negative moments or it might just seem appealing and likeable. The capsule collection of Robin Deceuninck, called “Carry On”, reflects all of the above: catchy colours, oversized bags and a lot of fun. Let’s carry on to the collection preview and street style post that was inspired by this motto.

Unconditional Liberty

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Unconditional Liberty is all about the difference between the rush of the daily life and the freedom created by desolation. It’s a story about the contrast between peace of mind and chaos. The storyline was inspired by hiking trips through lakes near rural areas. The geographical location represents the blurred boundary between what is public and private.

The name Unconditional Liberty is represented by a certain form of freedom in every single image, where the strength of power lies in silence. “Being free” anno 2016 is something that can be defined by a combination of expressions, feelings and thoughts.


Tommy Hilfiger x Smets

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Smets unveiled the Tommy Hilfiger FW15 collection and it was all about American football and cream colors. Let’s take off to Tommy’s world. 

Under the midnight sun

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With a preparation that almost took up to 8 months, the next editorial is a result of absolute finesse. Yves Torfs was the brains behind the next editorial.