Fashion diversity: fact or faux?

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Fashion diversity: fact or faux?

Cartoons and Colours

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Menswear isn’t often associated with colours and joyousness. Luckily, there are some game changers out there challenging the way designers and consumers look at the fabrics we put on our bodies. Introducing 3 emerging brands creating not so contemporary looks.

Kenzo World

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In case you missed it, Kenzo revealed their newest perfume today, taking consumers on a journey of scents. Except for smelling extraordinary, the advertisement seems to show that being obsessed by the odour means having excellent dancing skills and superpowers.


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It has been a month since Pokémon Go was released. Although you thought you’ve seen it all, newspapers and social media are flooded with the craziest stories about the highly popular application. The magic really happens when artists out there get inspired by the Nintendo characters. What do Pokémon and high-fashion have in common? Meet my 5 favourite (Pokémon inspired) fashion campaigns.

The Box of Joy


Yesterday in Brussels, The Sweet Box presented their newest jewellery collection, created by a woman with passion, inspired by macarons and Belgium. Explore the brand that brings a unique story to the table.

Perfectly Imperfect

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What is perfection? The internet would say it is the state or quality of being or becoming perfect, a perfect embodiment or example of something or even the highest or most nearly perfect degree of a quality or trait. What if perfection was imperfection?


Tommy Hilfiger x Smets

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Smets unveiled the Tommy Hilfiger FW15 collection and it was all about American football and cream colors. Let’s take off to Tommy’s world. 

Ready to Bear – Top 5


As announced in my previous post, Jeremy Scott unveiled his newest Moschino collection (Fall 2015 RTW) in Milan. This time no Mac Donalds, Spongebob or Schreck, but Warner Bros, Teddy Bear and graffiti. A look on my top 5 outfits from the 65 that were shown yesterday.

From Mac Donalds to the Jurassic Era


The Fast Fashion Fall/Winter Collection of 2014 made by creative director Jeremy Scott took the brand Moschino to a whole new level. Although his newest work will be on the runway soon, the brand launched another pre-collection: Chic to the Bone

Street style: Why fashion can be affordable

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Narrow passages, houses bathing in sunlight, a cultural atmosphere and chit-chat of students; my eyes caught the charm of Ghent. Somewhere in those streets, this street style editorial was captured by the camera of Björn Van Driessche.