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Stories is what thrives us. Everything around us has one, whether it is a city, an item or a person. I am sharing one with you today, one of an afternoon well spent with two inspiring youngsters in Brussels.


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This editorial features a young boy who is tired of blending in with his peers. He escapes the daily routine to pursue the search for his own sexuality. The search is characterized by moments of strength and weaknesses; one moment he is sure who he is and what he wants, and the other moment he doesn’t realize what his goal is. The contrast between these moods is expressed by strong and weak emotions and represent the struggle many people are going through in these times.


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Yesterday, we shot a teaser for the Fall / Winter 1718 collection and website launch. While the postproduction team was occupied editing the video, I decided to have a photoshoot with my favourite pieces of the upcoming collection. Enjoy! 


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Silence can be either a good thing or a bad thing. On one side, it can find place right after an overload of stimuli, but on the other hand it can be caused by awkward and sad moments. This editorial shows both sides of the coin, just because silence doesn’t need to be just one of them.

Fashion diversity: fact or faux?

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Fashion diversity: fact or faux?

Cartoons and Colours

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Menswear isn’t often associated with colours and joyousness. Luckily, there are some game changers out there challenging the way designers and consumers look at the fabrics we put on our bodies. Introducing 3 emerging brands creating not so contemporary looks.

Dutch Designs

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Sometimes design expositions are just not the most accessible ways to get your daily dose of designs. If you want a free overdose (which I highly recommend), you can get it at the Dutch Design Week.

Carry On

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Sometimes you see that one thing you immediately can relate to. It can be a reflection of something impactful in your life, positive and negative moments or it might just seem appealing and likeable. The capsule collection of Robin Deceuninck, called “Carry On”, reflects all of the above: catchy colours, oversized bags and a lot of fun. Let’s carry on to the collection preview and street style post that was inspired by this motto.

Kenzo World

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In case you missed it, Kenzo revealed their newest perfume today, taking consumers on a journey of scents. Except for smelling extraordinary, the advertisement seems to show that being obsessed by the odour means having excellent dancing skills and superpowers.