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This editorial features a young boy who is tired of blending in with his peers. He escapes the daily routine to pursue the search for his own sexuality. The search is characterized by moments of strength and weaknesses; one moment he is sure who he is and what he wants, and the other moment he doesn’t realize what his goal is. The contrast between these moods is expressed by strong and weak emotions and represent the struggle many people are going through in these times.


Look 1 & 5
Nebula Top by Ilke Cop
Rainbow blazer (Stylist’s Archives)

Look 2 & 3
Droid Top and Multiverse Bomber by Ilke Cop

Look 4
Nebula Vest by Ilke Cop
Mesh Tanktop by Raf Simons

Photography & Styling: Yannick Alexander (@soldmymomforchanel)
Model: Dima N. (@dimaneyens)
Clothes: Ilke Cop

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