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Yesterday, we shot a teaser for the Fall / Winter 1718 collection and website launch. While the postproduction team was occupied editing the video, I decided to have a photoshoot with my favourite pieces of the upcoming collection. Enjoy! 

“The collection for autumn/winter 2017-2018 gets its inspiration from the eerie world of 70`s slasher movies. The unique embroidery designs invoke cinematic frames and actions. A distinct retro-feel is displayed in the vibrant and broody colours. For the first time, male and unisex pieces have invaded womenswear. Never fear, don’t be scared and call on Dear Freddy.”

For me, the collection is a representation of gender fluidity, breaking boundaries and expression. Anno 2017, we’re still confronted by a lack of equality between both genders. It seems like everyone is sending out the message that equality shouldn’t be questioned, but on a daily basis, the contrary is shown. This editorial shows that every individual is ought to express themselves the way they want to. This is urban couture for the non-conformist.

Clothes by I LKE COP  (webshop and video coming soon)
Photography by Matti Verbeeck, GENDERLESS and Yannick Alexander
Models Matti Verbeeck and Yannick Alexander
Styling and postproduction by Yannick Alexander

Much love, Soldmymomforchanel and the I LKE COP team


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