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Menswear isn’t often associated with colours and joyousness. Luckily, there are some game changers out there challenging the way designers and consumers look at the fabrics we put on our bodies. Introducing 3 emerging brands creating not so contemporary looks.

banner Jump from paper

Kids of the Internet Age, graphic illustrations, bold cartoons and designs that jump from paper were the inspirations for JumpFromPaper, a Taipei-based brand that makes imagination comes alive in a two-dimensional perspective.

In an age where everything is ought to be more detailed and realistic, the unique designs offer a peaceful contrast. The two-dimensional effect is like a trompe l’oeil, where the impression is given that the bag is as flat as paper.


Original photo by JumpFromPaper


banner lazy oaf

The slogan of LazyOaf “Keeping it weird since 2001” is the perfect explanation what the brand is all about. They teamed up with the masterminds behind Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, a series of 3 puppets dealing with social issues, which went viral and got over 150 million views in total. The episodes cover social issues like creativity and conformity, time and death, love and religion, the digital world, etc.

The first episode of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared aired around 5 years ago on YouTube. Becky and Joe, creators of the series, decided to launch a Kickstarter project to finish their final 4 episodes. Eventually more than £100 000 was collected in no-time. To celebrate this, LazyOaf made a collection, offering pieces for both men and woman.


Original photo by LazyOaf


bobby abley banner

Basically, Bobby Abley is making statements since 2012.  Year after year, he succeeds in turning Disney’s tales in darker variants. The stories of Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, The Little Mermaid, Jungle Book and many others were converted by the atelier of the English designer into collections that contain voluminous shapes and vibrant colours.

Bobby Abley reflects the same feelings as Banksy’s Dismaland, where Disney figures meet the not so bright side of life. The same statement is made: fairy tales would look a whole lot different if they would take place in our reality.

bobby abley

Original photo by Bobby Abley


Although these three brands have a totally different approach on shapes and colours, they all make statements on creativity. Creativity shouldn’t be limited to kids and their clothes. Menswear doesn’t have to be boring. Let’s be creative.

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