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Sometimes you see that one thing you immediately can relate to. It can be a reflection of something impactful in your life, positive and negative moments or it might just seem appealing and likeable. The capsule collection of Robin Deceuninck, called “Carry On”, reflects all of the above: catchy colours, oversized bags and a lot of fun. Let’s carry on to the collection preview and street style post that was inspired by this motto.


My good friend and photographer (of the house) Sander De Clercq was about to visit the collection of one of his friends at Artez (Arnhem, NL), University of the Art. After joining him in Antwerp, we arrived two hours (or so) later at the academy, enjoying all the graduates displaying their work in different disciplines: photography, graphic-, fashion- and product design.

At the end of the tour, we were united by Robin Deceuninck. His collection Carry On is all about rethinking design as we know it. Robin makes fun of fashion by ascribing a certain functionality to an object; a functionality that stands in contrast with the physicality of the product. This results in colourful and (especially) oversized bags that remain aesthetically, even when the functionality becomes indistinct.


photo template COLORS


Afterwards, we went to the museum of Arnhem to check the collection of Bas Kosters (known for his collaborations with Heineken and Zeeman). In my opinion, his design is questioning the way we look at fashion. By removing the seriousness involved in the industry, all that remains is a colourful, playful and harmless world that speaks to the imagination of the inner child in every one of us.




Afterwards we ate some delicious pizza in Happy Italy, and decided to finish the day in the station of Arnhem. Sander took several photos, resulting in a mix of street style and advertisement for the collection.


Stay tuned for more upcoming photos of the exlusive T-shirt from the capsule collection Carry On.



Jacket by Dries Van Noten
Shirt by Red Label
Pants by Levis
Shoes by Stan Smith for Adidas
Lighter by Robin Deceuninck
Photos by Sander De Clercq (3-6)
Photos by Yannick Alexander (1-2)


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