Unconditional Liberty

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Unconditional Liberty is all about the difference between the rush of the daily life and the freedom created by desolation. It’s a story about the contrast between peace of mind and chaos. The storyline was inspired by hiking trips through lakes near rural areas. The geographical location represents the blurred boundary between what is public and private.

The name Unconditional Liberty is represented by a certain form of freedom in every single image, where the strength of power lies in silence. “Being free” anno 2016 is something that can be defined by a combination of expressions, feelings and thoughts.



Look 1

A return to the understanding
of the term “gray”
as a fundamental working area
of an author

look 2

Black – is bad
white – is good

Look 3

One of the main
topics of this selection
is coexistence.

Look 4

Artist’s creativity is
“the opposite of truly human existence.”

Look 5

The closer we come to the abstract,
the more women love children.

Look 6

Not having to hurry
anywhere may begin
to appear boring.

Look 7

When you walk through a river,
you realise that somewhere there is
something very beautiful.
You acknowledge that if you take a photograph of it.

Look 8

To seek something
very beautiful is fun
when it is not cold.

Photography by Sander De Clercq
Published in Unfashion Magazine
Clothes by Calvin Klein, Neil Barret, Han Kjøbenhaven, Acné, Cerutti 1881 and Hugo Boss
Poem inspired by Boris Mikhailov’s work “Unfinished Dissertation”
Styling by me.

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