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It has been a month since Pokémon Go was released. Although you thought you’ve seen it all, newspapers and social media are flooded with the craziest stories about the highly popular application. The magic really happens when artists out there get inspired by the Nintendo characters. What do Pokémon and high-fashion have in common? Meet my 5 favourite (Pokémon inspired) fashion campaigns.


BALMAIN x Munchlax


A Balmain SS 15 gaming party with Adriana Lima, Joan Smalls, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Isabeli Fontana and Crista Cober has become twice as interesting when being joined by the super cute Munchlax. The excitement on that little guy’s face makes me want to join so badly.


CHANEL x Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Tyrogue


Cara Delevingne teams up with 3 fighting-type Pokémon to make the Chanel FW14 campaign unbeatable. Literally.


VERSACE x Wobbuffet, Arbok, Weezing and Pumkaboo


What happens if Jessie and James aren’t chasing a Pikachu? Versace FW14 shows us another naughty side of the infamous Team Rocket. Not suitable for watching, or is it?


DOLCE & GABBANA x Deerling


My guess is that the models in this D&G FW14 campaign are hiding their cell phones in the bags. Who will be first to catch this Pokémon?




Marc Jacobs SS15 campaign contains an overload of cuteness. I hope the clothes are fireproof, because this photo is lit.


I like the way this artists combines two thing that don’t go in hand. Maybe it will inspire haute-couture brands to launch a Nintendo Capsule Collection. Gotta catch’ em all!


All photos are courtesy of pokexfashion.com

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