The Box of Joy


Yesterday in Brussels, The Sweet Box presented their newest jewellery collection, created by a woman with passion, inspired by macarons and Belgium. Explore the brand that brings a unique story to the table.


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Olivia des Cressonières started out in the financial sector as a consultant. Two years ago, she felt like she needed something more challenging. By following her passion, together with her gut feeling, she ended up creating something unique by combining the joy of chocolade, sweets and macarons with the finest jewellery. With succes, she managed to realize one of the most promising upcoming Belgian brands: The Sweet Box. Everything about the concept is 100% Belgian: from the materials used to the way the gems are represented.



Every contemporary piece comes in something I like to call a ‘Box of Joy’. The jewels are treated as sweets, which contributes to the entire customer expierence. It feels like opening your favorite box of chocolates: the happy feeling when you receive the box, followed by the joy of deciding and combinating, finished by even more joy. So if you can’t decide between jewels and chocolade, The Sweet Box is the perfect excuse for (a guilty) pleasure.


the sweet box


The event was being held in Leysen Joaillier, a luxury jewellery story right in one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Brussels. Music was provided by Maya Cox (aka Moulinex’s), a graphic artist that mixes Techno-House sounds. Her work is known from Tomorrowland, Fuse, Kitsch Club, ELLE party, and so on.




Even the food was in line with the Belgian themed event. Drinks were served by Twinity Gin, a gin brand that is exclusively biologically produced and bottled in the beating heart of Wallonia. Leysen also offered their customers a lot of savoury macarons with a wide variety of tastes: goat cheese, bacon, herbs, …



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I’m finishing this article with a hint for the gentlemen out there: “A gift jewel shines so much better than one you buy for yourself (Mae West)”


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 (All photos are property of Yannick Alexander, edited with Adobe Photoshop)

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