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What is perfection? The internet would say it is the state or quality of being or becoming perfect, a perfect embodiment or example of something or even the highest or most nearly perfect degree of a quality or trait. What if perfection was imperfection?




The term perfection has always been something controversial. Even though it is impossible to have a clear overview of what is seen as perfect over time, there is a shift in mentality going on. Retouched photos are being replaced increasingly by anti-photoshopped images. Photographers are affected by this and many youngsters are intrigued by what is going on.



by Petra Collins


Anti-retouching isn’t something new. In the early nineties, Juergen Teller made snapshot-styled portraits without using any form of retouching. The same can be said about the photos of Kate Moss by Corinne Day. Not only do photographers remove or restrict the use of photoshop in their work, the models are a lot different than what they used to be. The times have changed from where models were all about perfection to a time where models needs to have unique features from a gap between their teeth to special scars.



Chantelle Winnie


So how did we come to this era where the beauty of imperfections are regarded as more valuable? How did we start choosing girls with armpit hair and pubes instead of girls with bodies that are considered a standard? Where did this identity exposure come from? The chasm between reality and the elusiveness of the fashion industry has become really small. With our phones, we can all pretend to be photographers. It’s also easier to reach out to our idols. We are also looking for a sense of reality, where we really get to know the models and their personality. The identity of a person and their flaws are way more interesting than looking at a flawless, unrealistic image of someone you will never get to know. Marc Jacobs sent his models on the runway in New York without a single trace of make-up, just because being imperfect is more accepted than it used to be. We want reality. It is not a coincidence that some fashion bloggers coughed up the reality behind the “perfect photos”.




The way we look at and consider ourselves has become the way we want to see the people we look up to. Perfection and imperfection are going hand in hand. Perfectly Imperfect.

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