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Smets unveiled the Tommy Hilfiger FW15 collection and it was all about American football and cream colors. Let’s take off to Tommy’s world. 

Smets transformed their store  into a real American football field last Thursday. Football fields, scoreboards and helmets made you feel like you just took a plane on a journey to the other side of the world. To complete the FW15 fashion show impression, Mannequins dressed in Tommy Hilfiger showed up everywhere.

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Anyone stating that a clothing store is ‘just a store’, hasn’t experienced Smets yet. They proved again that they’re way more than that: live music, champagne and finger food added a lot of extra value to the existing atmosphere. Not only did they have a DJ booth, but also a simulation that works like an Oculus Rift. The glasses instantly transported you into a 360° view of the Tommy Hilfiger FW15 Fashion Show.


They even added another technological highlight: a photo booth. With just a simple click, a Polaroid-styled card appeared with your #Tommyfall15 selfie. It was a real pleasure to be accompanied by Charlotte de Lange from Enface’DL.


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Any minimalist will have no doubt in the fact that Smets Premium Store is the place to be. I feel like they have created a unique sense of store design and that they use any possible resource to make the customer experience this. Also, every time you visit the store, you will notice that they completely changed the store setting.


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To finish today’s post, I’d like to share my favorite outfit I spotted in the store during the event. As you might have noticed, I’m a huge fan of pop art inspired work. You would love to have it, because fashion is a lifestyle.

Yannick Alexander



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