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With a preparation that almost took up to 8 months, the next editorial is a result of absolute finesse. Yves Torfs was the brains behind the next editorial.

Last month, Yves Torfs contacted me with an amazing opportunity. After explaining the concept, he asked me do a shooting in La Fabrique 22A, a minimalistic studio, for a personal project. 

Leda Vaes was also invited to the party. I have worked before this supertalented MUHA (Make-up and hair artist), and I was delighted I could again. Last time was for School’s Out.

The styling of the shoot was prepared by Yves Torfs himself with clothes from Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten and Raf Simons.

I hope you guys are excited for the results of this shooting. You can check the editorial and some backstage pics below or at Yves Torfs’ website.


image_0 (7 van 7)

image_0 (2 van 7)

image_0 (6 van 7)

image_0 (3 van 7)

image_0 (5 van 7)

image_0 (1 van 7)

image_0 (4 van 7)


And the backstage pictures:

11251522_845544552196669_1431949299_n 11186437_845544532196671_759966478_n 11094030_845544525530005_414451454_n 804507_845544545530003_1731907933_n


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