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The world is shaped by 2 things – stories told and memories they leave behind

This quote is the perfect recap of the story School’s Out is trying to bring. This post will carry you in the whole process behind the following editorial.

It all started as an idea in my head. I wanted to create an editorial with a feeling that you could have on a playground, a place where everything is allowed and where creativity isn’t guided in certain directions.  After this idea popped into my head, I searched for styling and a location. Although I thought it was going to take ages, I quickly found the ideal designer collection to base the shoot on.

The shooting itself was amazing, but the thing that totally surprised me, was the exposure the editorial got. It was published on Superbmagazine, God Forbid Fashion, SCOOP Store, Surf4Trends, the flyer of Luca – school of arts, Youtube and an essay in Volkskunde about the cultural importance of fashionphotography and visual semiotics.

Shirt: God Forbid Fashion


Glasses: God Forbid Fashion
Body: Heimweh
Hat: God Forbid Fashion
Wristlet: Crazyclage
Briefs: Heimweh
Wristlet: Crazyclage
Bag: Hedgren Bags & Travelgear


Body: Heimweh
Headphones: Time For Wood
Wristlet: Crazyclage


Photographer: Stéphanie Smeets
Photographer Assistant: Pauline Poelmans
Styling: Yannick Alexander Van Elsué with outfits from SCOOP Store Antwerp
Stylist Assistant: Jonas Reszczynski 
Hair & Make-Up: Leda Vaes
Model: Yannick Alexander Van Elsué


Behind the scenes 1

Behind the scenes 2

Behind the scenes 3


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