From Mac Donalds to the Jurassic Era


The Fast Fashion Fall/Winter Collection of 2014 made by creative director Jeremy Scott took the brand Moschino to a whole new level. Although his newest work will be on the runway soon, the brand launched another pre-collection: Chic to the Bone

Everyone is getting super-excited for the Fall/Winter 2015 collection, but Moschino isn’t waiting for things to happen. While their newest Autum/Winter Collection for men was shown in London, they launched a few pre-collections for women: Drink Moschino, Jurassic Girl, T-Shirt Mania and Stars & Stripes.



Chic_BonesAfter the trailer for the Fall/Winter 2015 collection was released earlier this week, no one expected Moschino to create another pre-collection, but they got everyone surprised yesterday with the announcement for CHIC TO THE BONE, their newest line for women.

The pre-collection is entirely based on bones; dresses, t-shirts, bags and even shoes got a jurassic touch.


As mentioned above, Moschino will show their newest runway collection in Milan on the 26th of february. Although their newest work has not been seen yet, Moschino released a trailer on the site: Ready to bear?

Previews for the collection might follow in the near future, but I will keep you up-to-date when new things pop up!




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